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Support grieving parents with a tattoo.

What can a tattoo do for a parent who has lost a child? 

It gives them a symbol or memory that they can carry with them and appreciate everyday. A feeling of joy, pride and acknowledgment that their child will never be forgotten. When life moves forward and you are having a rough day a glance at your tattoo will remind you of your little warrior and how courageously they faced their battle. " I don't know what the future looks like for the Gray Light Project and my family but, what I can do now is offer my skills to parents who are looking for a way to honor their warrior. The cost of healthcare and treatment is ridiculous and the last thing I want those parents to think about is how much a tattoo will cost. So what Gray Light will do is waive the cost of the memorial tattoo.   

What can you do to help a grieving parent?

We are currently growing our team of affiliated tattoo artist in the United States because

not every parent can make it to North West Indiana. We accept donations that we

can then use to pay for a parents tattoo's and cover the cost of the artist expenses.

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At this time we are only accepting tattoo request for parents that have lost there childern to cancer.

I want to get a tattoo for my child

"I love you both."

Dedicated to Debbie Florer-Odegaard.

My mom was the most passionate parent and
devoted grandmother I will every know. In 2020 she was diagnosed with a glioblastoma and fought like hell. She Survived over 2 years and lived life to the fullest adding value to those around her. An amazing person. In 2023 her battle with brain cancer came to and end leaving a HUGE mark on this world. She will always be missed and loved. 

To my son Ben (Ben the Brave) in 2021 Ben was diagnosed with midline glioma brain cancer. I have never known how much fight a child could have at the age of 10. He continues to fight and inspire others. His Grandmother loved him.

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